What I Wanna Say?

I will just talk about my semester here at TCC during spring and future choices that i will be making. My semester here at TCC was a little more difficult than last semester in the fall, i mainly just applied for more classes to get everything done for my degree. I had struggles with a couple of my classes, but i knew that i had to make it my goal to not fail any classes when i am attending college. My next two semesters for next year will just be as difficult than my current year with more classes and new opportunity’s. I still have doubts if psychology is really what i want to do, it may not be and i may stray away from my degree and that’s alright. Everyone sometimes does not know what they want to be when they grow up when everyone’s choices for their careers change so much. I have two other choices for a career if i choose not to follow my dream to become a counselor. My first one is being an assistant for a veterinarian who will aid in taking care of animals. My Second choice is becoming a park ranger who will tend to the wildlife and will watch over all the animals. I may not know what i want to do in the future, my choices may change in the future and that will be alright because it happens to everyone to do something different once in a while. I will complete my goals as long as i keep to my word that i will accomplish them, i know that i will do great things and meet many new people along the way.

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How Ya Doin’?

After taking some time to see how i have been feeling this week, i realize that i am still the same as before. I usually have troubles with school and finding a job that stresses me out of bit, but usually i am very chill. I am feeling chill with no care lately like i could care less about the problems that i have. I have a feeling sometimes that you should not worry too much about the big problems in life and handle the problem right. Usually some people stress over problems in life with family, school and personal problems, but for me i don’t really stress too much over stuff like that. So for me i usually feel pretty chill and relaxed most of the time, kinda like i seem bored with my life and things around me that may seem stressful to some people. Even though i should be worrying about important things i need to get done, i don’t get anxious about it because i don’t let my mind become clouded with emotions that would take over. My life may seem busy at times and i may face so difficult problems down the road, but most of the time i will just pass it like i could really care less and just be calm about it like a normal person (unlike some people).


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Thinking Of Others

When it comes to helping others, i am always on board to help other. I usually do volunteer work not because i have to, but because i want to. At TCC it is required for Tulsa achieves students to do a number of given hours for volunteer work.Although before i was at TCC, i was already doing volunteer work like working to take care of kids for the day. Most of the volunteer work i work with kids and i take care of them. I usually would help kids with their school work or just even play games with them. I would also just spend time with their kids while their parents are busy with work or other errands to run. I can relate to kids because i love to do many activities like baseball, football, soccer and throwing a Frisbee for them to enjoy. I am also doing volunteer work with working at an animal shelter which i would bring a dog for them to pet like my chihuahua. Kids crave attention from other people, so i usually want to help provide them with entertainment. Both the kids and my self benefit from each other with just having fun like kids and getting distracted with the busy schedule we all have. I always feel great whenever i spend time volunteering to spend time with kids, it both helps my struggles in my life and just make me happy to see them happy.

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Treat My’ Self

I usually treat my own self by doing several activities that keeps me entertained and relaxes me. I spend my time usually going for a run when i have time, i practice my pakour and free-running most of the time. Running for me is a way for me to think to my self while at the same time gaining exercise. I tend to just run by myself to get away from everything and relax from my busy schedule of the day. I also enjoy spending time with my pet chihuahua penny half of the time as well when she brings happiness to myself and others as well. Also not just penny, but i also enjoy spending time with other animals as well like cats, dogs, hamsters, birds,etc. I treat myself also to helping others than myself that need assistance. When i have nothing else to do and i am just sitting at my home with nothing to do, i will tend to get bored from not doing anything when i am a person that can’t sit still in one place. I want to help others and do something than just doing nothing at my home not because i have to show i am a good person, but i want to do it to promote happiness among others and meet new people as well. My ways i spend my time may be different from others, but that’s only because everyone has their own interests that shows who they are and what kind of person they are. Just like i know i am a person who tends to be alone, but i also enjoy spending time helping others and being among people and animals both that make me happy.


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Overall About Me

Hello my name is Joey Mateo Pastrana i am 18 years old and i live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am attending school at Tulsa Community College at the moment, but i will be attending Tulsa University for four years to pursue my degree in Psychology to achieve my career as a Counselor. I live with 2 little brothers and a sister with my dog chihuahua. I played many sports like soccer, baseball, track, and basketball and i enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee. My future goal after i achieve my degree is to be a competitor on American Ninja Warrior.