What I Wanna Say?

I will just talk about my semester here at TCC during spring and future choices that i will be making. My semester here at TCC was a little more difficult than last semester in the fall, i mainly just applied for more classes to get everything done for my degree. I had struggles with a couple of my classes, but i knew that i had to make it my goal to not fail any classes when i am attending college. My next two semesters for next year will just be as difficult than my current year with more classes and new opportunity’s. I still have doubts if psychology is really what i want to do, it may not be and i may stray away from my degree and that’s alright. Everyone sometimes does not know what they want to be when they grow up when everyone’s choices for their careers change so much. I have two other choices for a career if i choose not to follow my dream to become a counselor. My first one is being an assistant for a veterinarian who will aid in taking care of animals. My Second choice is becoming a park ranger who will tend to the wildlife and will watch over all the animals. I may not know what i want to do in the future, my choices may change in the future and that will be alright because it happens to everyone to do something different once in a while. I will complete my goals as long as i keep to my word that i will accomplish them, i know that i will do great things and meet many new people along the way.

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