How Ya Doin’?

After taking some time to see how i have been feeling this week, i realize that i am still the same as before. I usually have troubles with school and finding a job that stresses me out of bit, but usually i am very chill. I am feeling chill with no care lately like i could care less about the problems that i have. I have a feeling sometimes that you should not worry too much about the big problems in life and handle the problem right. Usually some people stress over problems in life with family, school and personal problems, but for me i don’t really stress too much over stuff like that. So for me i usually feel pretty chill and relaxed most of the time, kinda like i seem bored with my life and things around me that may seem stressful to some people. Even though i should be worrying about important things i need to get done, i don’t get anxious about it because i don’t let my mind become clouded with emotions that would take over. My life may seem busy at times and i may face so difficult problems down the road, but most of the time i will just pass it like i could really care less and just be calm about it like a normal person (unlike some people).


Image result for calm mind


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