Thinking Of Others

When it comes to helping others, i am always on board to help other. I usually do volunteer work not because i have to, but because i want to. At TCC it is required for Tulsa achieves students to do a number of given hours for volunteer work.Although before i was at TCC, i was already doing volunteer work like working to take care of kids for the day. Most of the volunteer work i work with kids and i take care of them. I usually would help kids with their school work or just even play games with them. I would also just spend time with their kids while their parents are busy with work or other errands to run. I can relate to kids because i love to do many activities like baseball, football, soccer and throwing a Frisbee for them to enjoy. I am also doing volunteer work with working at an animal shelter which i would bring a dog for them to pet like my chihuahua. Kids crave attention from other people, so i usually want to help provide them with entertainment. Both the kids and my self benefit from each other with just having fun like kids and getting distracted with the busy schedule we all have. I always feel great whenever i spend time volunteering to spend time with kids, it both helps my struggles in my life and just make me happy to see them happy.

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