Treat My’ Self

I usually treat my own self by doing several activities that keeps me entertained and relaxes me. I spend my time usually going for a run when i have time, i practice my pakour and free-running most of the time. Running for me is a way for me to think to my self while at the same time gaining exercise. I tend to just run by myself to get away from everything and relax from my busy schedule of the day. I also enjoy spending time with my pet chihuahua penny half of the time as well when she brings happiness to myself and others as well. Also not just penny, but i also enjoy spending time with other animals as well like cats, dogs, hamsters, birds,etc. I treat myself also to helping others than myself that need assistance. When i have nothing else to do and i am just sitting at my home with nothing to do, i will tend to get bored from not doing anything when i am a person that can’t sit still in one place. I want to help others and do something than just doing nothing at my home not because i have to show i am a good person, but i want to do it to promote happiness among others and meet new people as well. My ways i spend my time may be different from others, but that’s only because everyone has their own interests that shows who they are and what kind of person they are. Just like i know i am a person who tends to be alone, but i also enjoy spending time helping others and being among people and animals both that make me happy.


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